Mark Fayot is a Dutch visual artist who combines traditional media with digital processes. By painting over digital prints or manipulating his paintings with software, he tries to blur the boundaries between what is real and what is virtual and between what is abstract and what is figurative. He often recycles images sourced from the internet or his own archives and gives them new meaning by manipulating them with algorithms or custom made Photoshop actions. 

Often the manipulated end result is reproduced by hand by the use of easily accessible materials and tools, like home office printers and scanners, wood from the hardware store or simple toner transfer techniques combined with acrylic or spray paint. This process often creates unplanned mistakes and imperfections, generates an amount of randomness and translates the original digital sources into unique physical reimaginations, which in their turn comment on mass reproduction versus uniqueness and our engagement with images in the digital realm.

Mark Fayot has a background in graphic design and in the past he has successfully worked internationally as one half of an artist duo. They exhibited in various well-known galleries in Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris and Barcelona, amongst others. Their work was featured in a vast number of publications and magazines. After the break-up Mark has taken a completely different direction and has developed his own signature in recent years.

For inquiries or collaborations you can send an email to mark@fayot.com